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You Cease to be

I have left my humanity behind
for you
for what I now must do
going back
calling again on who I was before
in the darkness without love
once again I embrace my Demon
to feel him
to be him
the warmth of pity and remorse
ripped bleeding from my soul
I have suffered fates in this life
beyond your comprehension
I have endured agony and strife
fear you can’t imagine
left numb
right here
where I need to be
for you
I feel no remorse
for what I want to do
I feel no pain or fear
only the rage
and now I unleash it here
all for you
all for me
broken and bleeding
you cease to be

No Reason At All

I saw a spider walk across the floor
a flawless victory of evolution
she was murdered by irrational fear
in the form of a stomping foot

I saw a raccoon mother lead her family
in a secret world unknown to us
in darkness
they move like villains in an epic novel
she was run down without remorse
as the tail lights fade

I saw a beautiful deer
majestically rise with the sun
running free with the spirit of a thousand men
assassinated by a hunters overcompensation
stolen from nature by the same
for no reason at all

I saw a young man walking
a seemingly happy pure life
his smile reflecting as much
he was gunned down by hate
murdered by an irrational fear
run down without remorse
stolen from us for no reason at all