All On My Own

If I told you that the sky is green
would you question me?
if I told you that this isn’t real
would you know what I mean?
just stare at the sun
have faith that it’s ok
just have faith in one
you give your life away

I don’t need your savior
I’m better off with this all alone
if I’m so God damn evil
just let me go
just leave it all alone
I’ll get to know the devil
your God’s favorite angel
all on my own

I Saw You Dying

I saw you dying
in a dream
my mind is dirty
never what it seems
when I woke
you were in my arms
bleeding all over me

you were never meant for this world
no matter what you would do
I think I saw a little bit of me
in the devil in you
in the devil
the devil in you

I loved you
I’ve bled you
I held you drowning
in my shadows
mind raping
soul taking
you’re mine forever
you know

I saw you dying
in a dream
You’re never gonna be with me
I saw you crying
but I just watched you bleed
drowning in my shadow

You Cease to be

I have left my humanity behind
for you
for what I now must do
going back
calling again on who I was before
in the darkness without love
once again I embrace my Demon
to feel him
to be him
the warmth of pity and remorse
ripped bleeding from my soul
I have suffered fates in this life
beyond your comprehension
I have endured agony and strife
fear you can’t imagine
left numb
right here
where I need to be
for you
I feel no remorse
for what I want to do
I feel no pain or fear
only the rage
and now I unleash it here
all for you
all for me
broken and bleeding
you cease to be