10577627_893650627331392_1781692564_n10589071_893650750664713_528870689_n10592406_893650583998063_1045253_n10596282_893650610664727_692196945_n10601218_893650673998054_750929124_n10603304_10202598628427253_4256125027061224380_n10603350_10202598628787262_5327133151380903893_n10609264_893650707331384_2101848826_nIn case you couldn’t already tell, we had a blast at Digital Damnation!  I’ll be back with the other featured artists in October.

FYI, prints of some of my painting are now available at my ARTBYTOAST on Etsy, and at Pain For Sale, located at 1400 28th ST in Grand Rapids Michigan.

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