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SAM_0664All life, no matter how grotesque is beautiful.  A mother perceived as being hideous, loves her child just the same.  That love can and should be shared.  It would only take one brave soul, walking into the abyss, to guide them out of the shadows.

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5 thoughts on “My Latest Work”

      1. I understand. I have spent most of my time writing about my abusive background. I do suffer from Bipolar Disorder. I’ve have a great site to check out, She is an awesome lady, suffers from Bipolar and talks a lot about mental illness in general. She is well researched. She might provide a good resource for you. Of course I would love to see you come back here. Have a great day. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact me and I will provide any support I can. 🙂


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